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Sumo Vic McCoy supplies the nations leading telecommunications companies with a wide array of J-Hooks and equipment, to ensure they are equipped with the tools needed to do the best cabling jobs possible. J-Hooks come in a wide array of sizes and include a wide arrangement of attachments. Every J-Hook is specially designed to ensure 100% satisfaction and exceed your expectations.”

Sumo Vic offers free sample packs that will ensure that you select the best product for your needs. If you are a large corporation or a small or medium sized business, Sumo Vic, has all of the J-Hooks and telecommunications equipment that you need.
You can reach him at 1-888-479-1630 or 

A Comprehensive Feature List

Unlock the full potential of JH Hook with our detailed feature list.

Optimal Support

Optimal support for high-performance data cable, up to and including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7 and fibre optic

No screws or rivets

Requires no screws, rivets or special tools for assembly

Recyclable Element

Recyclable and is produced with up to 80% recycled steel

Superior fill capacity

Provides superior fill capacity and load rating over most other non-continuous cable support alternatives

Future emerging data cables

Engineered to accommodate future emerging data cables

Authentic Product

Meets ISO®/IEC 14763-2, ANSI®/TIA 568 and ANSI®/TIA 569

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